Pearson claims gold in hurdles at WC

Even when there were plenty of reasons to think otherwise, Sally Pearson never doubted herself.

Just as importantly, neither did those in her tight inner circle.

After several seasons wracked by injury, the decision 12 months ago by the hurdler to coach herself got the blessing of those who mattered most - including husband Kieran Pearson.

Then she went to work.

'(She amazes me) every day,' said Kieran Pearson, who travels the world track and field circuit with his wife.

'She is the first person to do that, anyone would be impressed.

'I have just been lucky enough to see the whole journey and all the struggles she has gone through behind the scenes.

'I never doubted (the self-coaching) - she knows her body, she has been doing it more than long enough.

'She has got the determination that whatever she sets her mind to she is going to do it and she is going to do it properly.'

Once Pearson arrived at the pre-championships training camp in Tonbridge she handed responsibility for the final stage of her buildup to Australian head coach Craig Hilliard and team coach Matt Beckenham.

But the people she wanted to thank first on crossing the line to claim world championships gold in the 100m hurdles were those who had been there every day for the past year and more.

'I've got the most tight-knit little squad, I call them Team Pearson - my friends and my mum and my husband and my training partners, (although) I've only got two of them,' she said.

'They're the ones I have to thank tonight because I don't think I would be here without them.

'They had more belief than me coming into tonight.'