IOC meeting to discuss North Korea challenges

IOC meeting to discuss North Korea challenges
The security issues posed by North Korea to the winter Olympics will be discussed at the next IOC meeting.

The security challenges posed by North Korea to the Pyeongchang Olympics will be discussed at an IOC meeting next month.

The International Olympic Committee session comes five months before the Winter Games are staged 80km across the border from North Korea.

Although tensions have been building for months amid new missile tests by the North, the pace has intensified since new sanctions were passed against Kim Jong Un's regime by the UN Security Council last week. It led to heated rhetoric between the United States and North Korea.

'We are monitoring the situation on the Korean peninsula and the region very closely,' the IOC said on Friday from Lausanne. 'The IOC is keeping itself informed about the developments. We continue working with the organising committee on the preparations of these games which continue to be on track.'

France Olympic Committee president Denis Masseglia said the North Korea situation will be discussed at the IOC Session in Peru in September.

'There is no reason to be too worried at the moment,' Masseglia said. 'We are five or six months away from the Olympics. We are monitoring the situation carefully. Of course if the tension escalates, we'll need to adapt. But Pyeongchang is ready to host the Games.'

Germany's Olympic body said it will follow government travel advice which currently does not warn against travel to South Korea.

'We are observing the situation in the interests of both our athletes and fans,' the German Olympic Sports Confederation said. 'Naturally we hope that it doesn't worsen and that it calms down. In such cases, before we go to any such tournaments or competitions we always consult with the Federal Foreign Office for guidance.'